FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire

Creating your perfect ultimate team is certainly a challenge amongst avid FIFA gamers. A lot of time, effort and money has gone into countless trading, matches, and packs. All FIFA gamers know the most disappointing aspect is buying a gold pack expecting to find a superstar, only to receive average players.

It seems no matter how hard you try, you will never acquire enough ultimate team coins. The truth is that you should stop stuffing EA’s pocket full of your hard earned cash, hoping in vain to stumble across your dream team in packs. The correct way to achieve your ultimate team is to trade and trade effectively. What do you mean trade effectively?

The real pros make 100k coins a day using a system that makes them a huge amount of ultimate team coins with only a couple of hours of trading. This system is called the FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire. The creator Mike Miranda talks about how only a few hours of trading a day using this system can buy you your ultimate team, without spending a penny on packs. This is no glitch or hack, FUT Millionaire is a step by step guide on how to trade effectively using the correct techniques and secrets.


Fut Millionaire – Guide to 100k coins a day :



Priced at a reasonable $37, Mike goes into detail about all the mistakes that every person makes in the FIFA trading market.  This step by step guide called the FUT millionaire blueprint will train you how to maximize your trading with very little time and effort. The blueprint lays out your time scale and step by step action you need to take to reach your 50k+ a day. Along with the blueprint, the FUT millionaire includes the entire video step by steps that will train you how to achieve huge amounts of coins. Mike will show you the system he is using that has seen him ensemble his maxed out ultimate team. Mike includes a video of himself in-game trading, spoon feeding you the system that will see you assembling your dream team in no time.


Never Buy A Pack Again!

With the knowledge that FUT millionaire provides you with, this one payment will save you tons of money in the long run. If you are a serious ultimate team fan this product is definitely worth investing in.


FUT Millionaire Includes:

  • Profitable player lists
  • Price guides on buying and selling
  • Tips and techniques
  • Step by step trading guide
  • How to scale your trading operation to millions


As an added bonus you will receive a mini guide called ultimate team domination. This mini guide will teach you how to strategically build and assemble an ultimate team that will be unbeatable, teaching you tactical strategies and secrets the top FIFA gamers have been using for years.


Ultimate team Domination Includes:

  • Guide to building the ultimate team
  • Tactical secrets and strategies the pros use
  • Common defensive mistakes
  • Common attacking mistakes
  • Position review




After reviewing both products I would highly recommend purchasing FUT millionaire Autobuyer. I have seen my trading efforts drastically improve since watching all of Mike’s videos.  Although I have not quite reached my ultimate team yet, I have drastically improved my squad helping me win tons more matches. The guide alone is worth the price but the ultimate team domination is a great little added bonus. I have seen my defensive skills improve since reviewing this mini course. I seem to concede a lot less goals now, and was surprised about a secret trick about heading which has seen me score more goals from corners.

Overall I would have to say if you’re serious about FIFA ultimate team, I would highly recommend FUT millionaire Review. The money you will save from buying countless packs is well worth the money. You will benefit from the knowledge you will gain which will save you time and money especially from the upcoming years of FIFA 16 to come.